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Abstract:Based on the experience of hospital infection management in the previous earthquake relief, the Mianyang Central Hospital was good at the medical rescue after the JiuzhaigouEarthquakw.According to preliminary accessment  and the real number of statistics 64.6% of the earthquake victims suffered from  bone fracture. Soon 60 beds were vacated for the victims. Five batches of victims, totally 48, were treated. Half-open management was implemented in this ward. A specialized reception office was set up. People from all walks of life who were to visit and inquire after should be examinaed and registered, and those with infectious diseases were refused. Frequant access of journalists was avoided.  Everybody must wash his/her hands thoroughly before entering the ward. Any visitor should be in the company of hospital satff member so as to shorten the visit time to 20~30 min. Partition management was implemented whin the whole institution, especially the ward. The kith and kin of the wounded were arranged to stay in the hotels nearby. The numbers of health care workers and volunteers were controlled. Health education on control of infection was conducted to all the families of the wounded immediately after the hospitalization thereof. As a result, no nosocomial infection and cross infection occurred, the curative effects were good, and 100% of the families showed their satisfaction. .

 Key words: Earthquake; Nosocomial infection; Cross infection; Hospital; Prevention and control of infection; The wounded


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