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摘要:目的:调查分析云南省急救中心急救医师的CPR知识水平,为后续针对性培训提供理论依据。方法:采用横断面调查研究,对云南省急救中心全体一线急救医师进行问卷调查。使用SpSS23.0进行统计分析,对总分变量按职称,学历和培训程度分组比较,两组间对比用t检验,多组间对比用方差分析。结果:共发放了56份调查问卷,收回47份。总分均值55.32±12.41分,及格率为36.17%。胸外按压得分最低,平均分9.11±5.20。胸外按压深度和频率的正确率只有27.66%和42.55%,更多人(59.57%和55.32%)选择了旧版答案(>5cm和>100次/分)。各职称间对比总分无统计学差异(p>0.05),研究生组的总分较本科组高(72.80±5.26 vs 53.24±11.33,p<0.001),6个月内参与过培训组的总分明显高于未培训组(59.88±11.47 vs 45.43±9.36,p<0.001)。结论:云南省急救中心的院前急救医师对CPR知识的掌握程度较低,急救医师缺乏自我更新知识的能力,急需系统的理论知识培训和考核。

关键词:院前急救 心肺复苏 

Abstract:Objective:To investigate physicians’ theoretical knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the emergency center of Yunnan province, and to provide feedback for subsequent targeted training.Methods:A cross-sectional study was performed. A self-administered questionnaire was used to assess physicians’ theoretical knowledge.SpSS23.0 was used.Variables according to the title, degree of education and training group comparison, contrast between the two groups using t test, compared with analysis of variance between groups.Results: 47 (83.9%) of the targeted 56physicians responded. TheCPR Knowledge of the physicianswas poor, with a mean score for correct answers in the written test of 55.32±12.41, the pass rate was 36.17%. The score of chest compressionswas the lowest. Chest compressions depth and frequency accuracy was only 27.66% and 42.55%, respectively. more participants(59.57% and 55.32%) chose the older answer (> 5 cm and > 100 bpm). There was no difference among three title.The total score of graduate student group was higher than the undergraduate group (72.80±5.26 vs 53.24±11.33, p<0.001). The physicians who participated in CPR trainingduring the last 6 months had advantages in total scorethan those without training (59.88±11.47 vs 45.43±9.36, p<0.001).Conclusion: TheCPR Knowledge of the prehospital physicianswas poor.It is crucial to participate in updated CPR courses.

Keywords: pre-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR).


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